Mount Madonna Center: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  (2011)
Learned skills and theory in order to teach yoga and meditation classes. Curriculum included: asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga sutra study, ayurveda, subtle body theory, anatomy and physiology, shat karma and the yamas and niyamas.

Street Yoga: 16 Hour Youth Oriented Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training (2011)
Learned skills to teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness to “at-risk-youth” including invitational language, conflict de-escalation, holding safe space and appropriate postures.

Yoga Outreach: 16 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training (2011)
Learned skills to offer yoga and meditation classes to marginalized populations focusing on an empowering and strength based approached.

Semperviva: 35 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training  with Bernie Clark (2012)
Learned skills to teach yin yoga classes including yin philosophy, a wide variety of poses, mindfulness meditation and physical and energetic anatomy, including TCM meridians.

Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC (present)
Presented a paper on trauma sensitive yoga at UBC’s Women and Gender studies undergrad conference The F-Word.

Love Light Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program (present)
Lead by my beloved teacher and friend Danielle Hoogenboom, the Love Light Yoga mentorship program is a co-created, collaborative teacher training and support program for new teachers. We share skills, support and resources to help each other grow.


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