SONY DSCHaving met Andi through a Women’s Studies class, I have come to a great appreciation for her strongly respectful attitude towards her students. Her classes are always enjoyable and she places the emphasis on a student’s health, be it physical, mental, or emotional, and encourages her classes to find what works for them by practicing consent-based yoga. Students are invited to join with the suggested movements but welcome to practice or not practice in whatever way feels right to them. Andi’s strong sense of community and activism underscore her positive, encouraging and playful teaching style.

– Cayley Western (student)

My experience while taking yoga classes with Andi has been eye opening. When I first started taking yoga classes I was under the impression that I had to look the exact same and do the exact same movement as the instructor and imitate those further along in their practice. Instead of demanding certain movements from every person Andi offers each movement at our own pace, or as our own bodies command, no matter what that may look like for each of us.  The way Andi speaks about consent makes me feel that I am involved in every movement I take and can choose for myself which parts of the class I want to be a part of. Andi’s outside classes are all that more rewarding because I’m able to breathe in the fresh air and feel the grass beneath my toes, as I find myself in the goddess pose that Andi helped make into my own.

– Caitlyn Wood (student)

Andi is a passionate and involved individual that adds a conscious and curious element to all her endeavours. Her strong focus on equality and accountability in the yoga community is very much a dialogue that needs to be occurring and I have a lot of gratitude knowing she is cultivating that conversation with new teachers and local activists. Andi’s ambitions and aspirations in yoga and their effects within social change are much needed. Her commitment to doing yoga in new and evolving spaces is amazing. I am certain she will be a contributing voice to a new generation of yogis in Vancouver.

– Danielle Hoogenboom (teacher/mentor)

Had a 1 on 1 class with Andi about a month ago… My heart was heavy from the day and a recent relationship break up. Andi could tell and we worked through a lot of it on our yoga mats. Afterwards we shared some crackers and then she rode off on her bicycle. She’s the best.

– Nick Woolner (student)

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