Bridging the Worlds of Yoga and Social Activism – HuffingtonPost
An interview with Rob Schware of Yoga Service Council.

Sacred Justice: Exploring yoga, solidarity and social justice – It’s All Yoga Baby – July 8th
“Andi MacDonald and Kandace Dragonfly, two yoga teachers and activists from Vancouver, BC, are taking their Sacred Justice workshop on a cross-country tour, and subverting the yoga tour model. By holding their event in intimate community-driven yoga spaces, traveling by Greyhound bus and sleeping on couches, MacDonald and dragonfly are taking their work to Toronto, Kitchener (Ontario), and Montreal (Quebec).”

Top 15 Yoga Blog Posts of 2012 – It’s All Yoga Baby
Moonlit Moth With Best Intentions: Yoga, Gentrification and Solidarity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside ~ This post made a splash in the community and launched writer, yoga teacher and community activist, Andrea MacDonald, as a new voice to listen to. I’m looking forward to more of her blogging, workshops and projects in the coming year.

More than good intentions: Privilege, power and the language of Karma Yoga – It’s All Yoga Baby
“Moonlitmoth is a small blog with big ideas about yoga and social justice in Vancouver, BC. In a recent post, Andrea, the voice behind the blog, did a smart and incisive analysis of an Elephant Journal profile of Karma Teachers, a studio that offers free or by donation classes in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.”

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