Andi MacDonald RYT and
Co-creator of Community Yoga Vancouver


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  1. Andrea, im so happy to read your work. We seem to have a few things in common-yoga, a background in non profits and organising, a “time away”, and also an interest un decoloniaing work.
    Thank you for writing your cultural appropriation

    • Work. You articulate a number of pieces there that i have yet to be able to get precise about.

      I have a blog, mentioned above, where im interviewing settlers about their decolonisatiin work. I wrote one piece about how yoga has been a tool in this process for me (maybe i didnt mention that im a settler too). You might be interested.

      Anyway, i was wondering if i could repost your elephant journal piece on the blog, and/or interview you as well.

      Look forward to hearing from you, and maybe crossing paths.


  2. Dear Andi, thank you for a perceptive article, sadly all the more valuable because of your physical and cultural lineage. I am writing a piece on this phenomenon here in the UK and your words echo my own, I would like to be able to use it to express and supprt the ideas you articulated and would ask for your blessings – Im happy to accredit you or to use it anonimously as you wish. Warmest regards, in service at your side! Satish

  3. Hi,

    My neice had shared your post on why you stopped teaching Yoga. I have posted the following on my neice’s facebook page and would like you to read it, too:

    Irfana Majumdar I am glad she stopped teaching yoga. She does not understand the first thing about it – no, I am not talking about all the ‘colonisation’ silliness she goes about. The very word ‘Yoga’ means to unite. In the ultimate analysis it means to unite the personal atma with the universal atma, the param-atma resulting in “all one sees is what all one is”. That is no one’s patent – sufis, christians, hindus, buddhists, coloured, brown, white – since ancient times, every society has had their ‘yoga’ practitioners – from Vashisht to Buddha to Jesus to Rumi. That is at an elevated level where this ex-teacher has yet to reach. She was mostly teaching Hatha Yoga, which is an excellent exercise form for both the mind and the body. However, her view of Yoga is so narrow, she thinks it is the heritage of some ‘colored’ people whose ignorant objections she takes to heart!! By this measure, Indians should stop teaching English or Italian or French.

    I can only shake my head in dismay – both at her wasted talent and her emotional immaturity which she tries to cloak in some twisted, over-thought rationale. Instead of calming her mind through yoga, she keeps it hyperactive, inventing guilt where none should exist. The level of her thinking which I can see in her motto – Fuck Yoga, Smash the State – makes her totally unfit to teach Yoga, not any nonsense objections about perceived colonisation and other non-reasons she goes on and on about.

    Yoga is universal. If it is being practiced by some commercially, it is their business. If they do it well, they’ll still benefit society. If they don’t, they’ll count among so many other businesses cheating their customers.

    If someone practices this properly and climbs each step, this is where they can expect to find themselves:

    I loved and in love I thought
    I can learn things that can’t be taught.
    My feet, they danced on their own
    I was just ‘me’ but never alone
    I knew not the words, but sang the song
    Yes, this is where I do belong.

    My considered opinion is that this lady has not met the right people to mentor her and show her the error of her ways. I sincerely hope she does.

    — K

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