Community Yoga Vancouver

CYV-handwritten-blue copyAndi is one of the founders of Community Yoga Vancouver – a collective of teachers working to provide yoga that is affordable and accesible to as many people as possible.

Excerpt from the Community Yoga Vancouver website:

We strive to reduce the barriers that usually work to keep people out of yoga classes.
We know our students and teachers can use yoga to build community.
We believe that everyone can benefit from practicing yoga.

Our classes are different because:
Drop-ins to our classes are by-donation (pay what you can afford).
We operate out of a collective space with gender neutral facilities.
We are mindful of physical accessibility concerns.
We do our best to offer modifications to meet the needs of all bodies.
We publish a zine to encourage conversation and fundraise, which anyone can submit to and help edit.
We offer classes not found in other studios in Vancouver like queer yoga and clown yoga.
We offer affordable workshops that reflect the interests of our community.
We value anti-oppression and do our best to offer a safer studio space.

It’s important to us that we do our best to offer a space you feel like you can belong to.

You can see our class schedule, meet our teachers and read our accesibility policy on our website and we encourage you to like us on facebook.

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