Call out for submisions: Zine on yoga, healing trauma and emotional justice.

ImageCommunity Yoga Vancouver is searching for submissions for our 2nd zine. This zine will focus on the path to teaching; healing trauma through yoga. We are looking for writing, poetry, blog pieces, stories, drawings, collages or whatever you can think of that fits in a zine!

We are looking to teachers and students for submissions that discuss:

– yoga as a path to healing trauma
– yoga as a tool for personal growth
– your path to teaching
– trauma as related to experiences of oppression (racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism and cissexism etc.)
– yoga as a tool for resistance, liberation and emotional justice

These can be personal experiences or experiences you have played a role in.

*We are using the term yoga in the broad sense. Meaning, not just asana but all facets of this practice.

All submissions will be read and considered by CYV teachers and several other people.

The final product will be licensed under creative commons and copies of the zine will be made available to all contributors for personal publishing and/or sale (preferably by-donation).

Feel free to write us with questions, comments or suggestions.

Due date: April 15, 2013

Submit to: with subject line “zine”


Zine now available for purchase

IMGP2260I am very pleased to announce that Community Yoga Vancouver’s first zine Space to Breathe Issue 1: Yoga and Community Care is now available for purchase.

Check out the details and purchase your copy here.
All donations will go towards Community Yoga Vancouver.

This zine features pieces about:
– the ethics of teaching yoga
– studio accessibility
– community herbalism
– experiences of people of colour in yoga studios
and lots more!

Space to Breathe is a smart, honest and un-apologetically political collection of essays, quotes and poetry. I am so proud to be an editor of this zine. I’ve already re-read it twice since it was printed and I learn something new each time. I am so grateful to all the contributors for their authenticity, strength of voice and willingness to share. The conversation we’ve created here is a much needed one and this volume is only the beginning.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming call out for Space to Breathe Vol 2. a zine on personal stories of recovering from trauma with yoga.

Zine Launch – January 26th

This event will take place at the Toast Collective – 648 E Kingsway, unceded Coast Salish Territory.
List yourself as attending on Facebook.

Join Community Yoga Vancouver and our partners to launch our very first zine. This publication highlights discussions around belonging, access, teacher’s ethics and practices of community care. It features pieces from yoga teachers, community herbalists, activists and more. We hope it will be the first of many.

We will start the night off with a by-donation yoga class taught by a round-robin of all four of our regular teachers. They have very different, but well paired styles so the class is sure to be fun, unpredictable and relaxing. Please send us an email at if you plan to attend the class. We only have room for about 12 students.

After class we will set up the space for something of an open house. There will be performers, venders, tablers and delicious vegan food available by-donation. You can see a list of all our partners below. The timeline looks a little something like this:

Asana class:
6:00 – 7:15
7:30 – 10:00

Copies of the zine will be available for a flexible minimum donation of $5 each. The zine is also fundraising tool for us, so donations above the minimum are welcome.

Community Partners:

Ian William Craig
Alissa Nova Raye

Urban Herb School
Ashley Lane

Plate Invaders

If you are interested in performing (music, spoken word, whatever) or having a table (to sell things or promote a community project) at this event please send us an email at We are also looking for photographers and videographer who would like to work this event in exchange for a class pass. Email us if interested.

Reminder: Zine submissions due December 1st

Submissions for the zine on yoga and community care are due December 1st. Details for submission are available here. Particularly we are looking for submissions that address political aspects of yoga and community care: race, gender, class, sexuality, ability etc.

This has become a joint project with Community Yoga Vancouver and the zine will be used to fundraise for our rent at The Toast.

Please encourage friends and allies to submit. We will have a zine launch party sometime early in the new year.