U of O: it’s not about yoga, it’s about white people getting defensive.

I wrote a response to the U of O Yoga scandal. If you wanna read it hop over to my new site. ❤




On Leaving Yoga: One Year Later

SONY DSCRepublished from my new blog: http://www.andigracewrites.com

Last year I published my most widely read piece of writing Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga: My Journey into Spiritual, Political Accountability.

Recently I did an interview on Heart and Spirit, a show on Kootenay Coop Radio, where I spoke about my feelings regarding yoga, my experience as a teacher and community organizer, cultural appropriation, and the importance of connecting to our ancestral roots.

You can listen to that interview here:

 The interview starts at about 8 minutes.

My New Writing Project

As you know my last piece about why I quit teaching yoga was my final piece for this site. I’m going to keep the site online so the piece can continue to be read and shared.

These days I am moving onto a new writing project, one that accompanies my anti-oppressive facilitation offerings as well as tarot card reading.

You can see my latest piece on the new site here:


It’s a letter I wrote to someone with whom I had an interaction with poor consent. It’s not meant as a call out, or to demonize anyone, but rather it turned into something of an open letter for us all to hopefully, learn to hold each better.

If you appreciated my writing on this site, I hope you will also follow my new site.

Sacred Justice is coming to California!

Sacred Justice workshop in Kitchener.

Sacred Justice workshop in Kitchener.

Next week I’m traveling down the west coast to take part in UC Berkley’s Yoga and Access conference. I’m very excited to participate in this conference, learn from so many inspiring teachers and meet folks in person who I’ve known online for some time.

While I’m in Cali I’m teaching two workshops. One in Oakland and one in Grass Valley.

The Oakland workshop will take place at Underground Yoga Parlour (3209 Peralta st) on Saturday April 26th. I’ll be co-teaching a consent based yoga class from 11 am to 12:30 pm and then offering a Sacred Justice workshop from 1 to 4. More details are available on facebook. This workshop will be geared mostly towards teachers and studio owners, as an extension of the conversation we’ll be engaging in at the conference.

The Grass Valley workshop will take place at Yoga Well (144 Hughes Rd) on April 29th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. More details are available on facebook. This workshop is geared towards community members, healers, teachers, therapists, youth, educators, PFLAG folks and yogis and meditators of all stripes.

If you have any questions or would like to request a workshop in your community, please leave a response in the comments section of this post, or send me an email. You can find my email in the contact section of my website.