Accessibility and Anti-oppression

Vancouver Community Yoga (taught at the Toast Collective) is a store front with the following measurements:
Front door: 40” across
Bathroom door: 27.5” across (the bathroom is very small)
The bathroom door opens in
Kitchen door: 36” across
There is 6.5″ tall step at the front entrance..

There is a single, non-gendered washroom. We are currently setting up an accessibility audit for the space.

By-donation chair clases are available upon request. If enough interest is generated we would be happy to offer a weekly class.

All classes are taught in English on un-ceded Coast Salish territory. I look forward to working with multi-lingual teachers to offer classes in other languages.

I strive to make my classes anti-oppressive. By anti-oppressive I mean anti-racist, queer, trans and LGBTQ friendly, patriarchy resistant, anti-colonial, body and ability positive as well as affordable for my students and sustainable for me as the teacher. In order to create a safe space for all my students I will do my best to address oppressive language and behaviour in the studio. Usually I find open, honest discussion can help make the classes safer for everyone involved. If you have any suggestions, critiques or requests please feel free to contact me in-class or online.

2 thoughts on “Accessibility and Anti-oppression

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