Update, upcoming events, substitute classes and workshops!

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind. My piece “With Best Intentions: Yoga,  Solidarity and Gentrification in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside” reached a wider audience than anything else I’ve ever written. I was absolutely blown away by the positive reception and the flood of supportive calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages.

By far the best call I received was from Emerson Lim of Karma Teachers – the organization that served as an example in my piece. He called me on the morning of my birthday and we chatted for almost an hour about the piece and our work as teachers. We both agreed that we want to work together in the future to share our skills and resources and help our communities flourish.

In the new year Community Yoga Vancouver will be offering Sacred Service workshops, designed to help yoga teachers (and anyone who feels committed to service) learn about the the difference between charity and solidarity. The first workshop will be with Karma Teachers in early January. Keep an eye out here and on the Community Yoga Vancouver website and facebook page for the announcement of dates for the workshop.

In the meantime I suggest you check out Community Yoga Vancouver’s first public event: Dinner and a Movie Christmas Addition (Now with Yoga!). It’s a joint event between Community Yoga Vancouver and Violet Wire. We will be hosting a by-donation yoga class, followed by yummy food, movies and an info table. All are welcome. Check out the event on facebook.

Community Yoga Vancouver will also have a table at the upcoming DIY Anar-chraft Market.

Upcoming classes..
As usual, in December I will be teaching three weekly class with Community Yoga Vancouver. You can check out my teaching schedule here.

I will also be subbing the following classes:

Sunday December 9th
12:00 to 1:15pm
Restorative at East Side Yoga

Saturday December 29th
5:45 to 7:45 pm
2 hour yin at One Yoga for the People

Sunday December 30th
12:00 to 1:15pm
Restorative at East Side Yoga

Til I see you.
Love and Solidarity.


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