Call Out for Submissions: Zine on yoga and community care

I am seeking submissions for a zine I’m putting together on yoga and community care. I’m looking for writing (poetry, prose, essays, blogs) as well as art pieces (photos, collages, drawings, anything really). I’m intentionally casting a wide net here to see what I receive – perhaps an obvious theme will arise, perhaps not.

I’m looking for content that addresses:
– Yoga as a form of liberation, empowerment, resistance and community building
– Critiques of the yoga industry or healing/health practices/industries
– Community care in practice (for example healing justice work, community acupuncture, sacred activism, herbalism etc.)

All submissions will be read and considered by me and several other people. The final product will be licensed under creative commons and copies of the zine will be made available to all contributors for personal publishing and/or sale (preferably by-donation).

Feel free to write me with questions, comments or suggestions.

Due date: December 1st, 2012

Submit to: with subject line “zine”


One thought on “Call Out for Submissions: Zine on yoga and community care

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